A new friend – will he think I’m attractive?

Meeting somebody new: Will he like my body?


Hanne is 67. She lost her husband some years ago. She still mourns him and always will, but she has started to open up to the world again. Now, she feels that she wants somebody to share her life with. Maybe it’s possible to find a new friend?

She’s looking at herself in the mirror. She weighs a bit more than when she was 25. Her once slim waist has more or less disappeared inside rolls of fat. The contours of her jaw and chin are not so well defined anymore. She has wrinkles, especially around her mouth and eyes, also when she doesn’t smile… Her skin on her upper arms is hopelessly sagging and her thighs aren’t much better. She thinks of the long, beautiful hair, she had when she was young. It’s thinner now and the colour has faded.

Will any man ever again find her attractive? What does it take? Her hair can be dyed, of course, but her 65-year-old flesh will never look youthful again. Cosmetic surgery? No thanks. She wants someone who likes her the way she is.

I know Hanne, and I know that there are lots of men who will find her wonderful. She is warm, she is sweet, she is a lovely person to talk to and be with. She can flirt, if only she wants to and dares. Her body is soft and feminine and smells good.

What does it take for a woman to be sexy? Well, according to the gentlemen among my closest acquaintances, she should definitely not look like a porn model, being skinny, tanned and clean-shaven everywhere. She should have a soft and curvy body and smell like a woman. Everywhere, which means she does not necessarily have to shower five minutes before having sex. She should be confidant that her body will bring her joy and that her partner will indulge in her. And she should enjoy the sex game, the acting and the play.

And according to the same gentlemen, a clean-shaven vulva is no special asset.