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No sex at the nursing home, please!

Some time ago, I gave a lecture about the sexuality of older people, and one of the students told this story. I’m telling it here because it’s very noticeable and very sad. The student worked at a nursing home. One day she was checking in on one of the older ladies. She knocked on the […]

Why do women get orgasms?

The purpose of sex is creating a pregnancy, right? And women do not have to orgasm to get pregnant. So why do women get orgasms at all? There are two opposing theories about this. There’s not much fun about the first one – now you’ve been warned. But stick around anyway, the second one is […]

To fake is human, to talk is divine

John and Jane are having sex, and Jane has decided to fake orgasm. Jane does not really feel like having sex tonight at all, but thinks ok, let him. A couple of days ago, he said something about how important sex was in a relationship. But right now, she’s not really up to a discussion […]

Too dangerous for Facebook!

I have written a couple of books about sex. Last Christmas, I wanted to advertise on Facebook for my first book, Sex after 50. I had done that a year before and sold a good deal, and I wanted to repeat the success. Things didn’t really turn out as expected. This is what happened, in […]

About me

I am a gynaecologist and a sexologist with a truly Scandinavian background: Born in Sweden, where I lived until I was 18. My education took place in Denmark, where I have also spent most of my working life, except for four years in Norway. Nowadays, I work part time in Norway as a consultant, I […]

Madly in love!

Love is so great when it’s right. And it’s so terribly difficult when it’s wrong. If you’ve tried it, you know how crazy you are when you have fallen in love. The brain doesn’t work in its normal mode, and neither does your heart! Your wonderful, glowing emotions are all that count – other feelings, […]

He still desires her. But her desire is gone.

The 60-year-old woman came to my office with her husband. She wanted to have a gynecological checkup. It had been very unpleasant last time she saw a gynecologist – her vagina was very dry and tender. I asked if that was a problem for their sex life. Yes, it was, she answered. Actually, they did […]