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Changing beliefs about aging and intimacy


Is there a sex life after 50?

Of course there is. Luckily, most men and women have a wonderful sex life in their third age, even in their eighties end older.

But not all seniors are blessed with an uncomplicated and rewarding sexuality. For some, sex is something that is not contributing to their quality of life, but seen as a nuisance best avoided. They may not want to or be able to enjoy sex at all. Others would like to have sex, but run into problems and give up without trying to change the situation.

The sensations and emotions having an impact on sexuality may change with age, but there are great differences between cultures and countries. Generally, seniors in northern Europe tend to be more sexually active and more content with their love life than for example Chinese seniors.

Which are the factors in play here? Why are there such big differences between sexual activity and satisfaction among seniors in Sweden and China? Is it all about aging and changes in our bodies and biology? What actually happens to our hormones, and how does that influence our sexuality? What happens to sex when advancing age brings on diseases as cancer, stiff joints and prostate trouble – how do we cope with that?

And what does it take to obtain a fantastic sex life after fifty, maybe even the best you’ve had in your life?

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